Rutland Rotaract Family Support Centre


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Had a fabulous swimming lesson today. When I asked S if he’d like to come back next week he said “yes, a googolplex times”. Happy boy. Thank you all!

Parent following her son's first swimming lesson

Fab sessions, thank you, they're a lifeline!

Thank you, we always have lots of fun at these sessions

Parents attending Stay and Play holiday sessions.

This is so cool! ...... That was incredible! 

Young lady accessing Inspire2Tri pool for the first time.

The RRFSC stay and play sessions are fantastic. They offer an opportunity for children with additional needs to interact with other children in the school holidays without having to brave for example a busy soft play which many of the children would find too overwhelming. Families who have children with SEND can feel trapped in the school holidays so these sessions also give parents a chance to get out with their children. There’s usually activities like painting, cooking & plenty of toys out to play with - the children really enjoy it!

Parent attending Stay and Play session - February 2018

I don't mind admitting that I don't remember the last time that a group play activity was that un-stressful and actually enjoyed by all of us.

Parent attending Stay and Play session - October 2017

...... thanks for asking us to play for your function recently at the Castle and for being such a wonderful and jolly dancing bunch of folk. We had a marvellous time playing for you all and Hazel was delighted with the dancing. 

The James Joyce Band, following our Ceilidh at The Castle, October 2017.

I just wanted to say thank you to RRFSC for organising the swimming lessons.  A's confidence in the water has grown tremendously over the last month.  Yesterday he had no arm bands on and then Ben took the floats out of his suit too! ..... He used to spend the entire time in a pool clinging to us so it means the world to us to see how well he's doing.

Parent of 3 year old attending beginner swimming sessions.

The activities offered are great and make a real impact because they give B the opportunity to do things he possibly wouldn’t do otherwise and he has built up a group of people he knows who come to the same activities. Thank you.

Mother of autistic son.

Thank you for making me feel so welcome this morning. Apologies for blubbering, lol. I look forward to coming along to future meetings. 

This message came from a mum who came along to the drop-in for the first time.

He did great at swimming which was so wonderful. Ben approached him in the perfect way: it was lovely. 

Parent following her son’s first swimming lesson.

The staff are very friendly and don’t talk down to A or treat her like an idiot.

Parent of a teenager attending riding lessons.

Thanks very much for setting up yesterday – it was really useful – and the cake was yum!

Parent following parent training about Wills and Trusts.